What is india by ritesh rawal

My Passion is to convert

“Dreams into Reality”

What is india by ritesh rawal


My roots and the roots of our country lies in Agriculture

Farming india
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An experience of ‘Gullies Of India’ through my eyes & heart

The Gullies of india


Create a new Universe of Education

A World only for 0-5 years

Best Pre-nursery School in Faridabad
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How to Convert
Dream Into Reality

Changemaker, Enterprenuer

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अगर स्कूल , स्कूल न हो
लेकिन फिर भी स्कूल हो

Logo Adhyay
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Word's of Appreciation



Root Philosophy


What is Reality?

The central idea behind explorism comes from inquisitiveness and the urge of basic human being to find out about the world, truth, ideas, ideologies, science, art, and about all the elements that exist in the world through own lenses and with the help of either self-created methods or by leveraging existing exploration or research tools available. The key idea is that dynamism and evolution of thought, physical and the social environment has evolved and changed with the passage of time, it has also created a deep impact on basic human nature and approach towards looking at the world. Incremental value gained by self dependence and that has created a natural demand to have independence in human nature, the evidence of such thought the process is quite clearly visible in the social structure in the current era. Explorism provides a strong fundamental philosophical framework to deal with inherent inquisitiveness of a human being to find out about the world, truth, ideas, ideologies, science, art in our own way.

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Education Philosophy


Why should student's study? And where will they manifest what they are studying? I created the world's 6th education philosophy "Manifestism" from these two fundamental questions. If the purpose of schools is to prepare students for future jobs and opportunities, then the learning environment, learning space, role of a teacher and curriculum should also be philosophically defined accordingly and it can only happen when an education philosophy addresses "Why" and focuses on Manifestation of learning, because, it is the question that will help children in creating stories of their life.

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Taking ideas to the bottom of the pyramid


An Attempt to felicitate thought leaders

Ritesh Rawal Foundation Awards


Talk Show with Ritesh Rawal