Kids, not programs: 3 Innovations

To change the way education is being imparted all over the world

Kids should be allowed to explore things as much as they want; it is the responsibility of the creators of education to structure the flow in a way that allows them to learn in a free-flowing manner at the same time explore all the aspects. My first innovation "Sprionment” focuses on creating a learning space and environment, second innovation "Out and Out learning” focuses on learning about every aspect of a topic, things which are given the curriculum, and things which are not given in it and third innovation "Limitlessness" focuses on exploring the limitless potential of the child without any boundaries.

First Innovation in Learning Space & Learning Environment

The learning space and learning environment is as important as teachers and curriculum, if we want students to understand "Why they are learning?" and "Where will they manifest it?". The learning environment and learning space needs to be designed acccordingly.


Second Innovation in Methodology

This method laid down step by step process as well as detailed steps of the certain of a lesson plan to implement learning in such a way that students can experience everything practically and not just leaving it up to practical or simulation.

"The Out & Out Learning"

Third Innovation in Child Development

"Limitlessness" is a scientific method of child develpment which can help each child in exploring the potential that they have and activate it with a framework or a process.


A New Chapter

World's First School of its kind

I always dreamt of opening a school in India, which can change education all around the world. And then one thought came in my mind Using the same thought and three innovations in education, I dreamt of opening a school in India which is an innovation for the whole world. This was the beginning of “Adhyay", a school that is not just a school but 20 to 22 industries within.
This is Adhyay!